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With an existing business solution, it becomes increasingly difficult to evaluate various technology options. This is a big challenge especially for a start-up firm or firm where technology is not the core competency. Star Innovations experienced business technology consultants will guide you with strategic advice on technology, helping you decide on advanced solutions that would be cost effective and highly productive with respect to your business process. Star Innovations helps you adopt the right IT Strategy for your business, craft simple solutions to seamlessly drive your business objectives. Furthermore, our delivery practices enable us to align our solutions with your business objectives. Our Analysts with their share of knowledge in umpteen industry verticals and expertise help in the efficient implementation of projects and create systems that bring value for your IT investments.

Following are our area of expertise:
TECHNOLOGY – Our vast expertise in technology and industry knowledge enable us to help organizations adopt the latest in technology and business practices.
CLIENTS – Our solutions and best practices enable enterprises ensure risk reduction and improved efficiency .
EXPERIENCE – Our technology experts provide advice to solve business and technology problems from Startup to MNCs.
SERVICES – We provide only the finest and best-suited advice, to make sure that any digital transformation for the client’s business is in harmony with their business strategy.

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Web development involves building robust applications that exchange and process information over the Internet. Be it static website, collaborative content management system, or enterprise eCommerce platform,. Utilizing rapid application development frameworks and agile methodologies, we develop high-performance websites and applications that are aligned to strategic business objectives.

Our web development offerings include:
Custom Web Application.
Websites and Portals.
App Backends.
Ecommerce Platforms.
Collaboration Platforms.
Business Intelligence Application.

The client-side or user interface of a web application is developed using browser-supported languages such as JavaScript and HTML. The backend server technology can vary from ASP.NET and Java to newer entrants such as Golang.. The choice of technology stack, however, depends on a host of factors including technologies already in use at client site and the type of app being developed.

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Functioning as a consultant to Startups, Star Innovations helps them speed up their product development – be it software, web applications projects – at the early stages of inception. Keeping the production cost down, our team help Startups with visualizing the product they are planning to launch in the market, build prototypes, and fine tune your idea. Right from choosing the right technology to using the right frameworks and developing the product, Star Innovations help budding entrepreneurs develop the perfect product that can help them grow their business.

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In addition to iOS and Android development, cross-platform development approach is popular mainly because the application reach is higher and it supports quick time-to-market. Star Innovations works across cross-platforms and realizes the benefits of using cross-platform applications.
Convenient to develop applications
Rapid time-to-market
Lower cost of developing
Low maintenance cost

The device platforms include Mobile (native – Android , cross-platform such as React native, ionic PhoneGap, Xamarim, Oracle MAF etc., Mobile/ Web Apps such as React JS, HTML5, AngularJS) Programming Languages – Java, Python, .Net etc.

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Your enterprise needs a reliable enterprise software solution to support your business operations. The software application should scale, exchange information to other software and mobile apps, integrate advance technology, and cover an extensive list of other objectives. Star Innovations has the experience, tools, and technology expertise to create such challenging custom softwares in the industry .

CUSTOM ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT - We have experience in turning our clients´ business ideas into successful web applications that meet their business requirements and contribute to their strategies. Our focus is on building enterprise application software, custom logistics software development. Our team has the expertise to build solutions for any industry.

MIGRATION SERVICES - Migrates your applications to a standards-based environment while minimizing disruption to the business.

RE-PLATFORM SERVICES - Moves your applications to newer, less expensive and more efficient technology platforms.

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Our proven staffing methodology allows us to engage with the best of the best that the IT industry has to offer.We have our training wing which provide training in latest technology platform. Since the Training is partnered with TCSiON from TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES the content is very much advanced to industries. We get bright talents for our training , Since there is minimum cutoff marks in their academics for students to get enrolled in TCSiON programmes .

When you have a large project looming ahead, the last thing you need to do is worry about recruiting and hiring a team to work for you. Choosing staff augmentation services allows you to get the help you need on a scalable, per project basis and makes it easy to focus on the big picture and your business goals. .
Direct Placement – When you want to strengthen your organization by adding specific talents that may be of strategic significance you may like to hire people directly under your payroll. We provide certified professional from TCSiON who can join immediately for you projects.
Contract/Temp-to-Hire – Our Temp-to-Hire Program lets you bring a selected candidate into your work environment for on-the-job performance evaluation. The candidate works on the temporary assignment on our payroll while you determine there’s a good fit. If you decide to hire our associate, we will work with you on a prorated fee structure.

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